If you have received a payment reminder with a reference to MONEYBOOKERS or PAYSAFE, this is due to the following reasons:

You have purchased something online and used Skrill/Paysafe as a payment service provider. The internet bank Skrill has as a payment service provider, instantly on your behalf, paid the agreed purchase price to the merchant and informed you about the payment immediately via confirmation email.

However you have failed to meet your payment obligations to Skrill/Paysafe. You have either
– cancelled or revoked payment,
– had insufficient coverage on your bank account,
– stated a savings account or
– stated incorrect bank data (i.e. incorrect bank account number, sort code, IBAN, BIC or the bank data and the sender do not correspond).

As per the agreed Skrill/Paysafe Terms & Condition and the rule of § 286 II No.1-4 BGB you are in default with your payment obligations. Nevertheless as a goodwill a payment reminder was sent to you via email, to force you to cover the debts. But as you still have not paid, advaro has therefore been assigned to recover your debts.

A legitimate reason to avoid payment is if you can prove that payment has already been carried out by you. If this is the case please send us the account statement where the correct amount and the related invoice number is visible so that you can be exempted from your payment obligations.

An illegitimate reason for a non payment is if the merchant has failed to meet your expectations. In this case you may have the right for a refund but only directly from the merchant.
Skrill/Paysafe as your contracting partner has fulfilled its payment obligations. As a result you are obliged to meet your payment obligations towards Skrill/Paysafe.

What do you have to do now?
1) The next steps are explained here.
2) If you have general payment difficulties, you’ll find more information here.