Whether outstanding loans or leasing installments: Payment defaults with banks are often a result of clients finding themselves in a liquidity crisis.

Take the opportunity of the external debt collection so that the bank does not unnecessarily use further resources through additional activities. The resulting additional work is not paid for by the banks customers. The Bank has provided its services, but the customer does not provide the agreed consideration? advaro supports the Bank with the management of outstanding claims:

Once your customer is in default with the repayment of his obligations towards the bank, we will take care of the further process. advaro has many years of experience in debt collection for banks.

We know the special needs and requirements of the banking area and implement this knowledge in your favor.

Costs: In legal terms, your debtor is obliged to carry the costs of our activity. If the debtor is- in an exceptional case- under no obligation or not able to carry the costs himself, you have the chance to insure yourself with the debt collection legal protection- the flat rate for debt collection service. More information can be found on the right hand side under “debt-collection flat rate”.

If the debt collection legal protection insurance does not come into consideration for you, we also offer other remuneration schemes.