Online Shops

You have fulfilled your services but have not received the agreed payment by invoice, installment payment or direct debit?

We help to minimize this default risk.

Advaro has many years of experience in debt collection for various types of online shops. We know the special needs and requirements of the industry sector and implement this knowledge in your favor. A successful receivable management requires a legally correct process prior to a debt collection process. We support you with the effective integration of your Terms and Conditions as well as in optimizing your processes in clearance, dunning, documentation for proof of delivery, proof of default, fraud detection, etc.

Costs: In legal terms, your debtor is obliged to carry the costs of our activity. If the debtor is- in an exceptional case- under no obligation or not able to carry the costs himself, you have the chance to insure yourself with the debt collection legal protection- the flat rate for debt collection service. More information can be found on the right hand side under “debt-collection flat rate”.

If the debt collection legal protection insurance does not come into consideration for you, we also offer other remuneration schemes.